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Hey there:) I'm Jodie, and I'm fourteen years old. I love sports, I love to read, I love to write! I can be slightly random sometimes._.

I'm a massive Potterhead, Whovian, Panemaniac and House of Anubis fan! I am obsessed with the Fantastic Foursome and my favorite youtube singer is probably Carrie.<3 I'm mainly a fanfiction writer, but I also write my own stories.

Just one quick...

  • Jodie Michelle

    mumbled "Rage. "ACK!""

    Yeah, I did just say "ack". I'm very upset.

    I was just writing more of "the very sad life I call my own", and I had like two chapters written in one shot, because I'm cool like that, and my laptop just crashed. Shaboom. It just went! And now I'm so angry! I'm not going to try and re-write that tonight, but tomorrow or later this week I pink promise they'll be up! I just thought I'd tell you, because you know, my faithful readers deserve an explanation. *bows to you all*. Love you guys so much, and don't forget to comment on my story! I'll update ASAP. Bye! -Jodie x
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    mumbled "Bazinga."

    I FINISHED IT. Okay, so it's not that good. But I finished a chapter of this story, that's called "the very sad life I call my own". It's a diary! And Taylor and I couldn't be more opposite! Except we're both nerds, both have crushes and both sort of depressing people... The next chapters will be better, I swear! That one was just to give you a bit of background info on Taylor. You'll find out about her family soon, her friends sooner and her crush sooner than soon! Or at the same time. Depends. Do you read from the bottom of a page to the top? If so, and you like llamas, then we should be friends:) -Jodie x
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    mumbled "First Entry. Yey:3"

    Hey guys.

    This is me. I'm a fourteen year old nerd with a passion for writing. Be warned; sometimes my stories remain unfinished! I might not be exactly 'normal', but then again, what is normal? Well, not me, that's for sure! I'll try my best to keep you happy and not to end up making an idiot of myself. I also try to use good grammar, punctuation and spelling, since I consider myself a massive grammar-freak. Hope you like my writing.

    This is me for now. Bye! -Jodie x
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