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I am a very patriotic girl. I love Canada just as much as I love living. Umm… I don't really know how to describe myself… I have a lot of nicknames… I'm a redhead… I love my life… and, that's pretty much it! Bye! Thanks for reading!

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    Can you please update?
    The Trip
    The Trip
    When Bella gets to go on tour with 1D, things are going great. But on the other hand, all she does is cause trouble towards the boys. Things go wrong, hearts are broken, and betrayal, is the key.
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    Ohh… I understand now. She's not the spy…
    The Seven-Year-Old Spy.
    The Seven-Year-Old...
    Drama, fighting, blood, seven-year-olds. Everything you could hope for… (One direction not famous)
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    I really liked it!
    Perfect Together (LP and HS)
    Perfect Together...
    Amanda Smith is now Harry Styles' new step sister. And when Harry and the boys all set eyes on her, Liam falls for her. And Amanda falls for him as well. Harry is determined to keep his new little sister...
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    I really like the idea of this! It's really original! And confusing!
    New Life
    New Life
    Sean married Sara and had Greg. But he also had a girlfriend named Amy. And they had Louis. One year later they had Zayn. One year after that they had Liam. Then Bella. The first and only girl. But then...
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