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    We service a number of corporate clients as well as municipalities and a broadcasting authority, with a general focus on the banking and collections industry. Beyond collections we also have vast experience in general legal work for our clients including but not limited to:

    Drafting of opinions

    Attending to urgent interdicts and applications

    Attending to tender disputes and dispute resolution

    Attending to defend legal actions or applications

    Attending to institute legal actions or applications

    Legislative compliance reports

    Our clients are assured that our in depth knowledge of new legislative developments such as the National Credit Act, the new Companies Act and Consumer Protection Act is applied to every litigious/collections matter.

    Insolvency and liquidation are an inevitable part of commercial practice and we have significant experience in representing our clients in this sphere particularly as creditors where we ensure that our clients gain the highest possible returns.

    Contractual disputes arise daily and assisting our clients in the successful resolution of these disputes is also an essential part of our skill set.

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