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Hey guys! My profile got hacked into and spammed, so I got a new account... sorry! My new username is Bubbles :) so look me up! I will have the same movellas as i do now, ill just try to write them better. thx

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    Thanks everyone for reading this! Oh, and for all the thanks, I would like to say you're welcome. If you have any other songs they have song that you'd like up here, just let me know. Bye!
    One Direction Songs
    One Direction Song...
    Lyrics to every One Direction song :) No Copyright Intended
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    Niall Niall Niall Niall Niall NIALL NIALL!!!! Lol sorry i am just fan gurling over u right now so yea
    Meet Me In America
    Meet Me In America
    Time to leave England...with One Direction? Since becoming their photographer I have been arrested, kidnapped, and I fell in love. So what will happen when we tour the great ol' United States of America?...
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    Hey guys. I'm really upset right now, my ten year old sister deleted the WHOLE FREAKING STORY so now I have to rewrite it. I will try to make it equally as good, but I will change some aspects of it, that you will notice in the next version of it. Thanks for the support! Don't worry, I won't let you down!
    Everything About You
    Everything About...
    Sydney Markel, 18 years of age, loves the sport she plays: soccer. When a famous boy named Zayn Malik and his four friends show up to a game of hers, will they become friends? Perhaps, more than friends? Readers,...
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    Awe,That's sad :/ Your story is awesome!! :)
    5 years ago
    Oh :( that's sad, it's okay I love it any way and it will be cool to read it again if some of it is changed
    5 years ago
    WHAT!! I loved this story!! I was trying to get in it all day but it wouldn't let but now I know! Hope it's just as amazing as the first one!
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    U hope it's not over!!!!
    Free Fallin' (Finished)
    Free Fallin' (Fini...
    One day April is waiting for her friend to show up. While waiting though she bumps into a familiar face from the famous band, One Direction. One of them starts to fall for her. Little did April know that...
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    She will be put on life support and end up living. If she HAS to die, she should see her parents, yes.
    The Secret Assassins
    The Secret Assassi...
    Harry and Taylor have been secret assassins for 2 years. Harry is in a band and the boys don't know. Taylor and Harry are still going out. she lives with Harry and the boys. When evil assassins invade...
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