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one direction is my life. Niall is my husband. nuff said!! ��

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    There's quite a few punctuation mistakes, but this is pretty good! :)
    5 Seconds with One Direction
    5 Seconds with One...
    A One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer FanFic Bailey-Grace has been with her boyfriend Luke Hemmings (5SOS) for over two years but what will happen to make him fall out of love with her and force her...
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    Oh my gosh! I read this story on quotev, I loved it! Definitely one of my favourite fanfics.
    Whatever The Pain *One Direction Love Story*
    Whatever The Pain...
    No...no...No! He knows...Harry stared at me in pure shock, his eyes wide and blurry with forming tears. "W-who the h-hell did this to you? E-Emma please, no more secrets!" What now, how can I tell him...
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    this is really good, love!! :) liked, and favourited :) xx
    I Love You, Too.
    I Love You, Too.
    Emily is alone on Valentines day. Harry's busy, of all days. But then, there's a surprise.
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