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Well, as i have pointed out in the beginning of my first story, I'm a born Dane but because of my poor Danish grammatical profession i decide(d) to use English in most (if not all) of my stories.
(lets take that in Danish aswell, shall we?)
Som jeg har pointeret i starten af min første historie har jeg valgt at bruge engelsk i de fleste (hvis ikke alle) mine historier Pga. mit elendige grammatiske talent når det kommer til det danske.

(Navnet Jinxes kommer fra de forkskellige spil jeg spiller eftersom det er mit Alias)
(The name Jinxes comes from the many different games i play because it is my Alias)

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    So, i've been fooling around for a bit and i noticed alot of people use different chapter lengths, What would you say was the most Appropiate chapter lengths? Does that even exist? Is this just something I wanted to ask just to be seen?

    No, I'm serious.. I'm confus about the lengths of chapters :P
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    It really depends on your target audience and the book itself. Mostly those who are 18+ will want to read a longer book with longer chapters (app. 1,500-2,500 words). People from 13-18 mid range chapters(1,000-1,500 words) and then under that is probably chapters ranging from 500-800 words. (all self-estimated though)

    Then most importantly: a book doesn't need to be long to be good and a book doesn't need to have long chapters to be good. < So how do you know? Well if you're getting bored about writing the book, then you're not quite there. Are you annoyed by the details or the lack of details? If you're annoyed by the lack of details and it's causing you boredom then add more details in the story to make it appropriate. Some stories just aren't meant to be long, so short stories are the thing. I mean I try to think of an instance where a short story could turn into a good long story, but it's almost best as is. (there are some "rule-breakers" though; but not many because the author sort of meant it to be that way in the first place.)
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    Thanks man
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