I am 14 and my name is Shannon. I am Awsome, so dont try to tell me differently! I will have a lot of spelling erros.My Besty Is Toxic Love. I LOVE Quotes, so if you have any good ones let me know. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to continue I am anoying,all of the time. My teachers hate me, but hey tell me something I dont know!
My pic says 'We're all mad here' and it comes from the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderlad. I love that cat.
I was thinking of changing my name to Jinx The Ce. Not sure though, I like it but....I don't know.

My Wattpad-http://wattpad.com/JinxTheCe
Username is JinxTheCe

My favorite words of all time are;
Veni, Vidi, Asinus Calce

Latin for; I came, I saw, I Kicked Ass

I have some favorite music to.
Kid Rock-Cocky, Cowboy, Trucker Anther, Wasting Time, and more (None of his new stuff)
Metallica-Enter Sandman and Of Wolf And Man
Blink-182--The Rock Show, What's My Age again?, and more
Alex Claire- Too Close
Jake Miller-Like Me, A Million Lives, and more
Nickelback-Animals, Rockstar, How You Remind Me
Stained- Something To Remind You
Van Halen- Panama, Jump, and more
The Presidents of the United States Of America- Peaches


Movellas (23)

  • Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising

    by  Jinxer
    22 Sep 13

    Phoenicia is a world of people who are like the phoenix, when they die they go up in flames, but they aren't reborn from...    Read more

  • Scars & Broken Glass

    Scars & Broken Glass

    by  Jinxer
    14 Sep 13

    Sebastian is bullied, hazed and he has a life no one wants. His life is terrible. Pain is a outlet for him, it....helps,...    Read more

  • The Story Of Two

    The Story Of Two

    by  Jinxer
    18 Dec 12

    The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if...    Read more

  • Poetry Comes To Life

    Poetry Comes To Life

    by  Jinxer
    13 Dec 12

    These Are Ideas That Come From Nowhere In To My Head And End Up Here I Hope You Understand My Thoughts In This Place Of...    Read more

  • Sunset Cliff

    Sunset Cliff

    by  Jinxer
    27 Jun 13

    (For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it...    Read more

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