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The people that say and do shit to people, need to learn that it does shit to people.

  • Jillian Nicole
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    I guess you haven't changed your bio yet, I didn't change mine for a reason. I just did though, please read it.
    Life sucks ass, but it's been worse. The whole Taylor thing finally blew over...sorta...she has a new girlfriend, and I did, but anywhore! Life's been okay. How's ur life been? Not too bad I hope :P
    Jillian Nicole
    3 years ago
    It's sucks ass too. My parents are ridiculous and the people at school are bitches. And I'm still bisexual, but no one at Meigs is and they all think I'm a full on lesbian, which I get talked about all the time. But lol life's AWESOME! ;P ��
    Hahaha, we seem to have the same problem, except there are only 2 bisexual/lesbian girls at my school, and they're dating each other -_-. It frickin' sucks.
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