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  • Jill K
    2 years agoReply
    I cried when I read the first ending. But when I read the alternative ending I was still slightly crying from the last one. You guys are amazing writers. Can you guys keep the alternative one where she doesn't die please. And my dad walked in when I was reading and it was hard to explain to him why I was crying. Keep up the good work ladies!
    Emma Tramway entered a contest to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for a two blissful months. She never thought she'd win. Now, she's a seventeen year old girl, alone with four boys and the management. Unexpected...
    Rosie C.
    2 years ago
    AWW thanks babe! We are currently editing and then we are going to see if we can write more or a second book. Thanks for the support!
  • Jill K
    3 years agoReply
    Please keep writing!!!
    5SOS: How to Change a Bad Boy
    5SOS: How to Chang...
    Make a girl fall in love with you in thirty days (or less). Breaking innocent and naive girls' hearts for their own entertainment. That was the game that they played, and Luke Hemmings was the very best....
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