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  • Jih02
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    James and his friend John crept through the silent field, wind roared and thunder bellowed. John shivered as rain thrashed on the concrete ground. The freezing temperature made James' arms crowded with goosebumps. John glimpsed the vast, empty farm and then saw James was walking towards the hung open wall, "W-what are you d-doing?" John shivered,
    "We have to see if the idol is in there" James told him, as he firmly fixed his eyes and the unstable structure.
    John made himself get glued to the concrete, as James crept up the steep path. As he walked up a tractor light gazed at him and the farm door slammed shut instantly. "How will we find that damn idol then" James said to thin air, then he noticed John was missing.
    He called all night for his best friend focusing on his whereabouts, then when the sun rose up and James made his way back home giving up hope, a phantom pushed him down and took him away...
    Jordan Philips
    5 years ago
    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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