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  • Jibzy

    mumbled "Dead or Static"

    6 years agoReply
    dead or static
    whats the difference
    nervous or erratic
    whats the difference

    nothing fits in
    except the loss
    life is one big spin
    confusion and chaos

    Indifferent and cold
    a selfish soul
    vacillating with no hold
    sans pride, sans a goal

    once I did have my place
    idols and ambitions
    when I seekth a warm embrace
    a remnant, a lost vision
  • Jibzy

    mumbled "Stay!"

    6 years agoReply

    Though Parish I will

    Just a mortal, still


    When sadness sets at my bay

    When I wish to loose my way

    Glum on a cold Saturday


    Though I know not how to convey

    So many a times u did make my day

    No one could have loved me, your way


    As long I may

    Loved u once

    Couldn’t say

    Nothing could have changed it anyway

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