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No! Not! Im not a directioner! (note the sarcasm)
Well if your wondering who was my favorite and my weakness
it was not Harry! Obvious much?
Talk to me, follow me, and I will do not hesitate to follow you back
Its just a follow you know? Your life wouldn't end up if you follow someone
Well in my opinion, i don't like Mayo, so don't ask me why, cause if got no idea too :)
Well if your a bitch, then we might just end up having a cat fight. I dont like bitches, who
acts like they were beautiful to the world when they arent :) (Sorry if that sounds mean :D )
Dont tell me you hate my book. SO if you dont like it, might as well leave my book, erase it
to your library. Its just a simple problem, so why would you need to comment it?
Well if you think Im a bitch well Im not, Im just sarcastic and sassy at the same time
Im an awkward person! Gosh :)
If you need an advice go on and ask me. im always here for my readers!
Give me a shoutout guys! S.H.O.U.T.O.U.T!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont like those romantic and sappy stories.
Imma' bad girl and good girl when I want to be :))
LITTLE MIX ARE MY ROLE MODELS :)) They were just! Incredibly beautiful and talented!
How about 5SOS??? ILOVETHEM especially Lukeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
LOUANOR/ELOUNOR, ZERRIE and PAYZER were my fav. couples
I dont ship sophiam, but I do not send hate to her. P.s sophia is pretty! :))
Jianne Ulrich is my name:) <3 y'all

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