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Married mum of one and arty blogger. I live in Derbyshire, England and I am a member of an art group. I like to blog about their activities, and other local crafts and arts generally. I also own a small cat, who has her own blog. My other interest is belly dancing, and I update that blog every month.

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    Your writing is full of character. Thanks for recommending this site on Click. I always find something useful and interesting on there.
    What cost the price of fame? A failing comedian finds out the truth when he is made an offer he can't refuse. Another short story in the series : Kate Russell's Scary Shorts.
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    I have enjoyed reading your book. There are many things I like about winter too - such as fireworks, Christmas, New Year and snowdrops coming through. Sometimes if we get snow, I enjoy that too, as long as it doesn't stop me doing too much.
    December Days
    December Days
    A collection of events throughout December
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    While I was in Morocco around 10 years ago, on the trip that inspired me to start belly dancing, I was handed a leaflet about “Chez Ali”. Chez Ali is an acrobatic horsey arena show for tourists, with banqueting in “caidal” tents (aka marquees). I didn’t go while I was there, even though I was assured by the tour operator that it was a marvellous evening not to be missed. I was travelling on my own and didn’t feel safe out at night. In any case I was on half board, so didn’t need a banquet, and didn’t want to put weight on by overeating.
    I found the leaflet recently and noticed a photo of a belly dancer. There’s no mention of her having her own part in the show so perhaps she entertained people while they had their meals. There’s also an arial photo of the complex, with labels which include the arena, overnight accommodation, main entrance, the car park, stables, kitchens and catering, workshop and administration blocks, as well as “visit of the spit roasted lamb ovens” (it loses something in translation there).
    I remember how exuberant the Moroccan people were, especially when they were trying to sell you something, and it makes me wish there was something like this in England. Sadly, I can hardly see out of the window for the fog just now, and it is probably just too cold and damp to get that authentic feel. Shame. At the bottom of the leaflet is the legend “25 ans” French for 25 years. That was 10 years ago, and their website still exists, so they have probably been going for 35 years.
    I have found Ali’s website at: chezalimarrakech.com/picture-video.html , and they even lay on transport from where you are staying. Sadly, I don’t think this would extend to Derbyshire ….
    I have been learning to do an “ommi”. Our DVD player recently packed in, and until I am better acquainted with its replacement, I have reverted to one of my trusty Belly Dancing books and am proceeding thus:
    - Feet together, bend left knee only and let your right hip go out to the side (my left hip is going out, so I’m off to a good start here).
    - Straighten both legs and pull in the lower abs so your pelvis tucks under you (yes - just).
    - Bend the right knee so the left hip pushes out to the left side (no, my right hip is sticking out. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me).
    - Bend both knees so the pelvis is no longer tucked (now I have got my pelvis under me as if tucked in).
    - Repeat to music (my hips seems to be moving in a figure of eight,I have no idea whether this is right or not but somehow it still looks sexy).
    As with a lot of things in belly dancing, it doesn’t half feel funny, but trust me, it does look quite sexy, even if you do it as ineptly as I probably have been doing.
    All the hip movements seem to help loosen my back up if I have been sitting down, so there must be some benefit to all this.
    Onwards and upwards.
    If you have enjoyed reading this sample post from my blog, you can read more at http://jewelsbellydancingblog.blogspot.c.. It is updated every month.

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    I have almost reached the end of my Tree of Life and will feature the completed painting as soon as it is done. Some small details need a bit of attention.
    Last weekend was the art group’s annual “fuddle” – a local dialect word for party, and everyone had to take along a food or drink contribution. My contribution was a “healthier options” trifle, for which I used tinned fruit in juice, using some of the juice to make up a layer of Hartleys no added sugar (two sachets) jelly, surrounding the fruit. There were only about 20 calories in the jelly, so this layer was relatively healthy. On top of this was no added sugar instant custard, again 2 sachets. This was topped with “Elmlea Double” a cream substitute, and around half the calories of normal cream, according to the carton. I used one carton, but it could probably have done with two. I also added some flaked almonds, instead of anything sugary, toasted first for extra flavour. I worked out the number of calories and it came to about half what a normal trifle would be, with no difference in the taste, although a bit lighter than a normal one. If you are planning to make your own version, I recommend letting the custard cool down a bit before you put it on the jelly. My jelly melted when I put hot custard onto it, so I ended up with a pink layer instead of it looking a proper yellow colour. Nevertheless, it proved quite popular with the other members, many of whom try to eat healthily, and these quantities made enough for about 8-10.
    Gill brought her trusty cheese scones, Barbara home made mince pies and John his lemon cake “with a Caribbean twist” – he likes giving things a twist, as he calls it, and had substituted the lemons for limes. Some sandwiches and sushi completed the ensemble, and we all tucked in and enjoyed one another’s cooking. Yum. I think we should do this more often.
    I took the opportunity of visiting the Winter Gardens in Sheffield this week. This large wooden and glass structure building was opened in 2003, with a hotel on one side and the “Millennium Gallery” on the other. The exotic plants looked a bit small to begin with, but several years on, are beginning to get more established, and there are a couple of interesting water features installed. This one goes round and round, and there is another similar one nearby that stays still. I couldn’t see anything to tell me who they were made but , but I’d guess that the Millennium Gallery had a hand in commissioning them, as they like to collect and feature work from different local artists. Here’s the link to a site that tells you about the Winter Gardens anyway. sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodla.. My little son loved the outdoor water feature with large silver spheres at the back of the gardens.
    We were interested to see how city living seems to have really taken off in the Kelham Island area, and the museum and small brewery with the “Fat Cat” pub and brewery shop seemed to stand as solitary relics of a bygone age. I’ve been to past Christmas fayres at the museum, and they are always well worth going to with many crafts and a great atmosphere. Today there was nothing Christmassy, but I was able to give my son an idea of our family’s distant past, as we are descended partly from people who lived in that area and worked in the steel industry over a century ago. simt.co.uk/kelham-island-museum/plan-you..
    Although the bus service from Mansfield and therefore, Clowne, has been cut to one every two hours this year, I still like to pop over to Sheffield from time to time, especially as it was my stomping ground for a few years.
    If you have enjoyed reading this, my art blog can be read at http://jewelsartyblog.blogspot.com/
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    My early days
    I was a rescue kitten and spent the first few weeks of my life in a sanctuary. My humans visited me when I was nearly ready for homing and brought me a present – a small red t-shirt. I overheard my foster mum and my dad-to-be talking about football. Foster mum was a “Spirite” who supported Chesterfield and dad was a Mansfield fan or “Stag” – their arch enemies. I’d been brought up to support the “wrong” team – would this put them off?
    It seemed not, for couple of weeks later, I noticed several sets of humans around our pen. One by one my brothers and sisters were handed over to these humans and then suddenly it was my turn. Foster mum gave me a final kiss and put me in the carrying basket with the red t-shirt, by now covered in fluff and bits “You can wear that for school tomorrow” said foster mum to the small human, with a wry grin.
    And so it was that I came to live on the edge of Clowne. Now my interests now include bird watching, mouse chasing and occasional “catrobatics” on the tree near the greenhouse. There are occasional stand-offs with the cat next door and the odd night on the tiles.
    I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures on my blog: http://kizziecat.blogspot.com/
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