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I am not obsessed I am just a dedicated fan alone wiht my three bestest friends one direction is a boy band with five heart throbs i love them so much loving life. And im also going to write little imagines so if you want one just comment on one of my movellas and i will try do write it as soon as possible!:)

  • jessiestyles69
    OMG this is really good you should write more
    Why Me?(Harry Styles Fanfic)
    Why Me?(Harry Styl...
    When Rosalia Johnson told her dying mother how she wanted to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, she did not expect to meet him like this. But the only question she was thinking was 'how did Harry Styles...
  • jessiestyles69
    This is really good you should write more
    On My Own
    On My Own
    Juliet Boscarino has been on her own since the age of 15. After being kicked out of her now ex-boyfriends home, she finds solace in an abandoned recording studio in London. One day she wakes up to find...
    Thanks!!!!!!!!! Xx
  • jessiestyles69
    this is truly awesome. You should defenitly keep writing it is an amaZAYN story i love it!
    The Naughty Chances
    The Naughty Chance...
    Kay Greene; A low profiled teenager attending Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. Attending Holmes Chapel's Comprehensive school, was not so average as they had one of the most sickening games. The Naughty...
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