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Thank you for reading my story, feedback is appreciated. xox

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    Loved it! I've liked it and good luck, please look at mine too;
    Little Things.For Movellas 1SHOT41D contest.
    and like it? xx
    Going In The Right Direction
    Going In The Right...
    There was only one way that i wanted to spend my valentines day. With my best friend, Niall Horan. Yes, he is in one of the most famous guys in the world, but i have known im since we were 5. If only he...
  • JessieCalder
    Little Things.For Movellas 1SHOT41D contest.

    Like, and comment on it when done, I'll like yours too. It would mean a lot if you did because I spent a lot of time and effort on this and I've checked through it around a hundred times;D
    ~That Turtle Lover <3
    That's My Turtle LoverThis is a short story I wrote to enter for the 1SHOT41D Hope you all enjoy it!(: Likes, Comments and Favorited are appreciated very much! Enjoy! ^-^ <3
  • JessieCalder
    Please look at mine?
    Little Things.For Movellas 1SHOT41D contest.

    I know everyone else is asking you to as well, but mine took me ages and it's dedicated to all my fans. I'm really grateful and I actually love you guys so much. I need to try and get into the top 10! I would actually cry if I did and I love you all sososo much and if you read it, I would fangirl. Haha.
    If you've liked it or whatever, be sure to tell me and I'll do the same for yours:)
    Little Things.For Movellas 1SHOT41D contest.
    Purple Waves ๐Ÿ’œ
    Please read my movella "Valentine Direction" and like and comment please. I will be very grateful if I won and I love one direction so this is the best competition for me to enter. Thanks xxx
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    Love it:) what's with the spelling Jessicca by the way? Haha it only has one 'c' :)
    Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    Soul Mates (One...
    This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan. Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer...
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    I know, but my character has two c's
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    I'd be really grateful if you could comment/heart my story:
    SecretsRain drops hold the secrets, Then splatter to the ground. The Secrets soak inside, Where they're not disturbed or found. Everyone has a secret, That...

    And if you could spread the word then that would be awesome! Thank you xx
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    Hi Jessie, welcome to the group :)
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