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:) ❤️

Ello loves! My name is Jessica, but I usually go by Jessie! <3
I am really weird and I really don't care! I love to be me as everyone should!

In my opinion I think society should change...
Instead in only believing in the beauty of appearance, they should believe in the beauty of a person in the inside.

I tend to over think things and I am pretty slow at everything. I takes me a while to get things done.

I think the world is both a sad and happy place. I have mixed feelings...
My feelings are all over the place: sad, happy, excited, depressed, etc.
But now a days everyone feels the same way.

Obsessions/Loves/Likes: I obsess over One Direction (The Baes!!!), Demi Lovato (My Role Model!!!), 5 Seconds of Summer (The Dorks!!!), Ariana Grande (My Inspiration!!!), Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, The Vamps, Karmin, Fall Out Boy, Meghan Trainor;), Ansel Elgort, The 1975, Selena Gomez, Selena Quintanilla, Fifth Harmony, Becky G., etc. (There is much more, but I can't remember!;p)

Quotes inspire me to keep on moving.

I might not be popular on here or in real life, but I love to help people, and you don't have to be popular to do that.;)



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