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one day nathan sykes, peeta mellark and andy sixx will tell me they love me!
i <3 to write, dance and act and i will do all of them in my career one day!
call me what you want, i honestly couldnt care less
<3 u all!
jess xxxx

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    mumbled "Wattpad"

    i just wanted to let you all know about my wattpad account :)
    i was scrolling through search pages looking for different books to buy when i found a link to the site through a story about a teenage girl and her life. Everything is totally free be ause the books arn't published. they are just normal people like you and me who post things they have written. there is genres from romance to action to horror to fan fic. your bound to find a book you'll like on there.
    If you happen to go on the site, search jessicatanialongdon in the search bar and please just have a go at reading my stories. I'd appreciate it if you liked and commented on it if you enjoy it. its a really great site and i'm never off it. love you all. good night! xxxxx
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