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Hey guys, my name is Jessica. :) I do love to write. I think the idea of writing a fan fictions are really great. I will deff say that's my strong topic. When I add my stories I really do hope you guys check them out and review them. It will be much appreciated. Thanks! xxx
Oh and yes, I am a HUGE 1D fan. :) Follow me on twitter @Jessica_Dawne
My first two movellas say Mrs.JessicaStyles for the author. That's still me. I just changed my username. I didn't steal any ideas. (:

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    mumbled "3000 views "

    WOW guys! Take Me Home has reached 3000 views. That's crazy! Thank you all so much. I love each and every one of you for reading it. <3 Happy Valentine's Day! :D
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    mumbled "Our Little Secret "

    So I have this story that I'm writing on wattpad and I'm thinking about transferring it over to here too. It's a One Direction fan fiction. :) I'll post the first chapter and see what you guys think!
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    mumbled "New Movella! "

    If you like vampires or maybe a show called The Vampire Diaries....go check out my new movella! It's a fanfic for the show and book Vampire Diaries. I really hope you will check it out and give me feedback! Thank you so much! I love you all!
    <3, Jess
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    mumbled "Long Time No Write"

    I just wanted to thank Proud_Nialler for co authoring my movella Take Me Home:The New Beginnings! I don't think it was ever going to get done if I didn't have her. She's also my best friend, so yeah, you'll love her. (:
    Remember that I also have stories on Wattpad! (:
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    Iannnnnn <333333
    Vampire Diaries- Damons Funniest Quotes
    Vampire Diaries-...
    I love Vampire Diaries and now that season threes over I have to remember it somehow! So I've written down a few of Damons funniest quotes!
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