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I'm quirky and loud, quite blunt face to face, but tend be more expressive in the written word.

  • Jessica Bartlett
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    I'm glad u didn't go united other I would of never ended up being with you <3 I love you matt xx
    I'm going to be honest
    I'm going to be...
    Just about me and my life and a few things I wanted to get off my chest.
  • Jessica Bartlett

    mumbled "Can you truly love or be loved if you're not completely yourself?"

    I know a lot of people and most of them have one thing in common: they cannot be their true selves around those they love. Some hide their truly jealous feelings away, pretend they don't have a bitchy bone in their bodies, fear admitting their unusual hobbies or worry about their past ruining their future. Many of the people I know talk of how their partners' and them are "so inlove". As I am a polite girl (most of the time) I will just go along with it, knowing that they are happy with the situation at hand.

    But it must be asked: are they really inlove with each other or are they inlove with the people their partners are pretending to be. I don't think I could ever be truly happy or reach my full happy potential without being my self, every last inch of weird, crazy, silly, annoying self.

    I guess I am one of the lucky few, is able to be my whole self with someone and have them still love me to pieces despite it. He might not realise but I love him, every inch of him; his blue eyes, slightly scruffy dirty blonde hair, sweet nature, slight cockiness, sensitive ways, soft touch, passionate flame that burns through him, his nerdy ways, bad singing, gentlemen-like mannerisms and comforting embraces. I even love his grizzily moods because it's just part of the things that makes him, him. I may joke about wishing he wasn't so moody or that he is ridiculously cheesy, but all in all, I wouldn't dream of changing him. He is everything I want, need and now I got him, I am not going to let him go.

    peace out!
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