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    mumbled "Idiotoddic thoughts"

    Okay so I can't decide what I want to write. Well I take that back... I want to write a book but I don't have any characters, and I know that I want there to be romance, comady, horror, and suspence. Tell me any names, titles, and oh I almost forgot it takes place at Shasta High in California.
  • Jess is a badass

    Kidnapping Countries

    Country name/human name:
    country personaltiy (if you're not America, Scottland, England, or Canada):
    Country Gender:
    Single/taken*If taken then with what country?*:
    Rose Adqui
    8 months ago
    ok, by the way she is female and she is dating england
    Rose Adqui
    8 months ago
    I'm not dating england anymore, i'm dating scottland
    3 days ago
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