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  • JennyInParadise
    Definitely love the plot line but wished you would add more information. Detail are everything! I would love to know what her adoptive parents looked like and how she feels like she looks more like tonks. Tell us about how the house looks and how everyone around her looks.
    Thank you! Love the plot though!
    My Story
    My Story
    In a version of Harry Potter where Tonks and Lupin lived, They had a another child after Teddy. Her name was Willow Tonks. But things didnt go as planned.
    Willow Tonks
    1 years ago
    Thank you for that suggestion! I will defiantly work to include more details from now on. =)
    1 years ago
    Awesome! Loving the story line����
    Willow Tonks
    1 years ago
  • JennyInParadise
    I'm on the fence about this story. I love the concept and it's really nice to read but it's also hard. I feel like you should separate all sentences that start off with someone speaking.
    "Blah," said Bianca.
    "Blah," replied Draco.
    I think this would help the reading be a lot easier so the readers don't get mixed together. Not trying to hate, just trying to help!
    Like I said love the concept.
    malfoy's secret sister
    malfoy's secret...
    Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins....
    1 years ago
    Heyyyy. Thank you so much for the advice. However the book is complete and I am not planning on going back to edit. I will make sure to consider your advice in the sequel. Thanks again
    1 years ago
    Definitely ready to read a sequel!
  • JennyInParadise
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    Author: JennyInParadise

    Genre: fan fiction (wizarding world-Marauders)

    Rating: G

    A Marauders LoveEver wonder if Sirius Black had a crush throughout his time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Well if you have then come and read this story!...

    Summary: Rose Hathaway has never been to Hogwarts before due to sickness but with the promise of protection from Dumblrodre and going to the nurse twice a week; she actually has a chance. Rose becomes friends with the Marauders immediately also with Lily Evans. She'll find friendship, adventure, and love. And with who other than the infamous Sirius Black!

    Additional info: it is a fan fiction of Harry Potter but I promise it's nothing like you've ever read! Please read my story and tell me what you think!

    Any length and all info you can give me please! And thank you!
    Another Review Book
    Another Review Boo...
    Because I feel it necessary to read more of the content on Movellas, I'm proud to introduce my review book. Simply read the instructions and submit a form to get your book reviewed. Remember to READ THE...
  • JennyInParadise
    A Proper Family: absolutely loved it! Can't wait to read more!
    I also wrote a Harry Potter fanfic if you have time to read and comment then I would great appreciate it.
    Thank you and it's a great story!
    A Proper Family
    A Proper Family
    What if Peter Pettigrew hadn't escaped? What if, in Harry's third year, Sirius was found innocent? This is the story of what would happen if, starting in his third year, Harry Potter was raised by his...
    1 years ago
    Thank you!
  • JennyInParadise
    I see you do a lot of fan fictions and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reading my Harry Potter FanFic. It's called A Marauders Love.
    If you were willing to comment your thoughts; I would be very appreciative
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