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Heyyyyyyy you creative ppl!!(hehe I know I'm to yoing to be a perv....hey I watch and learn!)
Anyways iloooooove to act sing dance and write.... you can see paper with my writing EVERYWHERE if u visit my place I'm not that tidy.I'm out going and chill I can make loads of ppl laugh well.... my teach counts write? Just jocking.just to tell u I get impatient wen I write stories so if I write one you be patient. K? ;)

  • Jennyforevax

    mumbled "what im doin"

    I went jogging!!! Blah I'm to laz. I sat home all day writing on quotev(mostly reading) Aaaaaah bored out of my mind for once I want to go to school! Anyonehave goodstories?
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