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  • Jennifer Chang
    Damn right Zac!! You go! Show them Myah's your's!!!
    I'm Your Maid, Not Your Ladylove [Wattpad]
    I'm Your Maid, Not...
    Zac had it all, the money, the muscles, and the devilishly handsome good looks. Girls, to him, were like the free tomato ketchup sauces from McDonalds. Easy to get, free, and after he used them, he just...
  • Jennifer Chang
    Hi! If English isn't ur first language, ur doing pretty well!!! Congrats!! English is a hard language to me, even tho I was born and raised here... Do you mind putting my name in the story? Like calum's gf or something? If not it ok thx
    "she was just simply gorgeous" (-lrh)
    2 years ago
    thannks it means alot :) sure eventhough I didn't plan on writing mich about the other boys, but we'll fit you in there ☺️
    Jennifer Chang
    2 years ago
    Awwww... Thank you!!
  • Jennifer Chang
    Plz update!!! I love ur stories so much seem very interesting... Hope you do well on your exams (I just finished mine a few weeks ago) and hope you update very soon and a lot!
    Fuck Buddies (C.T.H)
    Fuck Buddies (C.T....
    "Are we dating?" "No, were Fuck buddies dumbass"
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