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chapter one

A/N ok so this is my first movella so plz no hate thx 4 reading!!

"omg are you serious?' i yelled "yes" my best friend melissa replied and i smiled this is the best day ever because we got VIP tickets to go see one direction who are my favorite band of all time! I was so excited so I went upstairs and brushed my long silky beautiful hair and put on tons of makeup even though I'm already a model who is beautiful without make up and got dressed into some skinny jeans and a one direction t-shirt that made me look great but thats the thing about me, I always look great. but I dont know it, im super shy and insecure because i think that I am fat so I never eat and I'm getting sick but noone knows.

A/N and that's chapter 1 what do you think? please leave me feeback I'm brad new to this website!! oxox

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