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    Title: Girls Guide To Everything
    Author: tumblrteen007
    Genre: Random
    Ideas: Not really got any ideas but i like pictures in black and white but having one aspect of the image in a bold colour like red or something but you can just ignore this section cause im not really that bothered.
    Please do this in your own time im not really in a rush for this.
    Thank you in advance!
    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]
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    Lily Anna
    3 years ago
    Ok. :) Will try to get that done in the next couple of days.
    Lily Anna
    3 years ago
    Your cover is done. :)
    Thank you its great :)

  • JemmaElizabeth2301
    Author: VintageWallflowers
    Title: Coffeeshop Soundtrack
    Ideas: Maybe some music notes or something as its just playlists and stuff. i dont know just stuff to do with music
    colour scheme: i dont really mind but not too bright colours
    age rating: anyone can read it

    please can it be done as soon as possible because im going on holiday for Christmas in a few days and i would like to have it uploaded before then.

    -Jemma x

    Topics cover store
    Topics cover store
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    Thank you x :)
    T.W.S Shadownightđź“–
    Finished :)
    Thank you its amazing! :) x
  • JemmaElizabeth2301
    Title: Try Hard
    Author: VintageWallflowers
    Fanfiction- 5 Seconds Of Summer
    4. Could it have Luke Hemmings on it and Chloe Moretz maybe when she has blonde hair?
    5. "You're scared of the way i make you feel, because you dont want to feel anything."
    6. i guess the mood is sort of dark but not at the same time if you get me?
    Thank you
    - Jemma x
    Cover Store [OPEN]
    Cover Store [OPEN]
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