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If you want me to view specifically your writing and help you on something you need to fix please do the same for my writing!

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  • jellybeanjuli
    Really good book, I love the idea! One thing I think you could edit about it is slowing it down and adding more details, explain how she felt, etc
    Secrets... is about a teenage girl with a very big secret that only her best friend knows. She is a new kid in town and her life is about to get really crazy. She meets a guy who she likes and wants to...
    Thanks! I will definitely try that! Love the help
  • jellybeanjuli
    Sounds great so far, but you really need to slow down and describe more. "Explode the moment" as they say in my English class.
    The Twilight Games
    The Twilight Games
    *WILL BE ENTERED IN THE CROSSOVER COMPETITION* Ever wondered what it would be like if the Twilight characters were put into the Annual Hunger Games...Against each other? In this Movella, you get the romance...
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