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Heyy! I'm Jazmine but please call me Jazzy; I love the color purple && I'm the oldest of 4; I know..
I can be mean but that is when you get me really mad. But I really nice; I'm 15 years old &&' I love reading romance and love stories. Not a book fan but author's here are good<3'
I never judge a person in my life and I swear that won't happen. I love to help you &&' if you need to talk; just come to me. I won't judge you or nothing /.\ I promise you that c: Please read my story call "I Need You" I first story &&' I hope you like it . Thanks for reading c:

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    Update ! This is soo good<3
    The Way
    The Way
    "I got a bad boy I must admit it. You got my heart don't know how you did it." Ariana's voice chimed through Zayns entity as she quietly whispered into his ear. "I love the way you make me feel." (The...
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