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  • jazminehall1608
    Omg really? You just had to didn't you, just couldn't keep yourself back aye? Haha pls update really loving it
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм ✗ н.ѕ
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм...
    Brooke, a 17 year old girl is kidnapped on the night and taken to a house where she doesn't even recognize her surroundings, she is left in a huge house with 9 guys and many girls who went through the...
  • jazminehall1608
    Ugh why pls update soon love your books
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    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗...
    ''Yeah.. So.. Let me hear your rules then'' I said folding my arms. ''Rules?''. ''Yeah... Every babysitter has rules''. ''Well I do have a to do list'' He said. ''What's on it?''. ''You''...
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