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Hey I'm Jay and I'm awesome. I love to write it makes me feel special like i have something no one can take from me, and I love that feeling. I'm a book worm no ifs ands or buts reading is my absolute passion it's the reason I write, for a deeper passion. I love to write I do it everyday, if I'm not writing I'm imagining a new part of a story or living one through my head. I want to be an author when I get older it's a dream I really want to come true, to have people hear my thoughts and see my characters and relate to them in their own way. My advisory teacher once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and the whole class watched me and I flat out said 'A writer.' I will never forget the words she said to me when I told her that she said 'Well I'd still get a day job if I were you'. Those words didn't hurt me though they made me want to prove her wrong, to prove I would make something of my writing and make others happy with my words and novels.

Favorite musicians:
Avril Lavigne
Cher Lloyd
Bruno Mars
Arianna Grande
Anna Kendrick

Favorite books:
Hush hush
Dark secrets 2
A series of unfortunate events

My favorite author of all time will always be Sarah Dessen, I love all of her books especially The truth about forever, Dreamland, Someone like you, and Lock and Key.

Read my stories here on Movellas or on my Wattpad account, my username is xSkylarLewisx.

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