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I am a very hyperactive person who loves to write about sex gods such as One Direction <3 I also love the Janoskians so go look them up (On Youtube) if you've been living under a rock or anything resembling a rock ;)
Music is my life! I sing and dance and I LOVE to act. I have been in a few small T.V shows and I have also starred in some advertisements. Acting and singing are my real passions but when i find time to write I also love that too.
My real full name is: Jayde Tomlinson Horan Brooks Daley Edwards Calder Peazer Mastin Ruffo Dwyer Grande Lloyd Singe Sierra Bell Moore Martin Collison Sahyounie Arnold <3 those are all my husbands and girl crushes ;)

I also have twitter so follow me on that @Jade26babe and I will talk to anyone and everyone! <3

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