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    I think Corey should date Harry, and could i be Corey new best friend. My name is Jael, I am 16 years old, i have a caramel skin tone with brown eyes and dark brown really curly hair. My interest are hula hooping, playing tennis, playing with my dog and playing with my guitar please put me in the fanfic thanks so much
    Bad Girl
    Bad Girl
    Harry was the new kid in school. At his last school, he got bullied, so his friends who go to another school, Monroe High School, told him to go there. Right away, he became Mr. Popular. But one day, Louis,...
    Thank u!!! I will say probably in my one of my next few chapters who will be the best friend and girlfriend of Zayn! Thank u so much for helping!
    Hello @jaybird905!!! U r gonna be the new best friend and girlfriend of Zayn and Corey!!!!:)
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