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    Update!!!! Plzz
    Try to save you (One Direction)
    Try to save you...
    This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book
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    hey, it is the author if this fanfic, it is just that I forgot my e-mail and password so I had to create a new account, do you think I should re-write this story on my new account and keep on with the story? Or Should I do a whole new one?
  • Jay_Malik7890
    Please update I love this story OMG ������
    Kidnapped +15
    Kidnapped +15
    Wouldn't it be every girls biggest dream to be kidnapped by One Direction? Well not for Emily. She hates One Direction. - and it only gets worse when Harry decides to kidnap her. Harry says to the other...
  • Jay_Malik7890
    Can I have a dirty with Zayn ;) My name is Jaylah
    One Direction Imagines (:
    One Direction Imag...
    These are 1D imagines. Comment what kind you want; sweet , romantic or dirty, with who and your name please. Anything else you want to add, go ahead. Thank you!
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