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  • Jasper.K.

    mumbled "Only Day Off"

    1 days agoReply
    Today was my only day off of work before have to work for a week straight with long hours. Unfortunately I couldn't find the inspiration to write today or do anything at all. Hopefully I find time over the next week to sit down and get my shit done. I really want to start the anime review blogs along with working on my latest stories. Anyone have any time management tips for me?
  • Jasper.K.

    mumbled "Okay... so..."

    4 days agoReply
    I have found a new job that allows me to work more and be able to afford moving next September. Because of that I might not have a lot of time to spare on all of the stories I am currently working on but I will definitely try my hardest! Also I will start blogs about animes that I have watched/ will watch. Since this will be my first time doing that sort of things please bare with me a little. :)
  • Jasper.K.
    4 days agoReply
    I'm glad to see that you wrote about it in a more positive light. Well, I see it as positive. Because even if something is difficult it can still be acheieved, or fixed, or passed. This is a good message! :)
    Everbody's life is hard
    Everbody's life...
    A poem about how everyone is alike in a way
    Zandora daughter of Hades
    Thank you, I thought it would relate to a lot of people. :)
  • Jasper.K.

    mumbled "Starting Blogs?"

    5 days agoReply
    Hey guys. So I was thinking about starting blogs about animes that I have watched and my opinions on them. Though I don't know if I should since I never done anything like it before or if anyone would really find them interesting. (Is anime even a thing for y'all?).
    4 days ago
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    @[Katie Pharoah] That's for the little encouragement! :) I'll definitely start becoming more serious with this idea since I really enjoy watching anime as well as speaking my opinion on it. I watched most of Fruits Baskets and it is quite good. If you want you can check out 'Zankyou no Terror', it is my favoutire anime of all times! :)
    Katie Pharoah
    3 days ago
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    Ooh thank you, I'll check it out :)
    2 days ago
    Inuyasha is good I liked it
  • Jasper.K.

    mumbled "2 Energy Drinks and Flu Medication"

    5 days agoReply
    After drinking 2 energy drinks and downing medication I have been able to finished chapter 17 and edit it for today. I am quite happy with what I have for this chapter and I have learned my lesson of working on chapters before the update day. :) Hope that this latest chapter is enjoyable. Any criticism is always welcomed! My resolution this year is to work on my writing and have it better than last year. (Also I want to get one published). Comment your resolutions below!
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