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  • Jasminestyles321
    I pretty stupid coz u just made the main character a slut. Thats not what people want it the book -.- dipshit :L
    Sex with styles
    Sex with styles
    Allison with Harry.. Forever? Read to find out.
    Dylan Decker
    4 years ago
    Well, sorry it's my story not yours.
  • Jasminestyles321
    This is like the best movella I have ever read! Please update ASAP. Do a lot please, thanks :)
    Popular Nerd [The High School Series]
    Popular Nerd [The...
    15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the...
    4 years ago
    aw thank you! I will soon! I was just going through it… Haha
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