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    Same goes to me too. The Movealls app doesn't work at all. It logged me out and I can't log in. I reported to them. But they haven't said anything back.
    The Football player *COMPLETED*
    The Football playe...
    "You were abused?" Anna asked "Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said ---- COMPLETED ----
    2 years ago
    Mine started working again
    Did urs?
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    mumbled "Not working "

    So the Movealls app is not working at all. I have to log in to the website. Which is WERID but you know. I'm not seeing any book have been updating. And last time I checked I still haven't read the one that are actually updated. Movealls app isn't working at all so is the Movealls website. I'm moving in to WattPad now. Sorry Movealls. If you work back again I'll use you. But right now you are glitchy.
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