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hello to all the beautiful people out there.i am jasmina but you can always feel free to call me your best friend.i have a big heart.people pass my life,some stay,some leave,but those i love the most,always forget something in my heart and come back to take it.all the time.i am thirteen and trying to leave my life to the fullest,i love people,specially my friends and family.i love life.it has ups and downs.but if you fall and never stand up in the down parts,you will never reach the top of it.even miracles take time ♥

i am a twihard,potterhead,belieber,swifty,lovatic and a child.yes,i still watch cartoons.i am proud of it.i am me ♥

"α quєstíσn thαt sσmєtímєs drívєs mє hαzч: αm í σr αrє thє σthєrs crαzч?"
αlвєrt єínstєín

" - and every тιмe a cнιld ѕayѕ ' ι don'т вelιeve ιѕ ғaιrιeѕ' тнere ιѕ a ғaιry ѕoмewнere тнaт ғallѕ down dead."

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    нιт тнє ℓιgнтѕ ♥
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