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first rule of being a music snob—we don't talk about being a music snob.

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☁ the clash ☁ the wombats ☁ mirah ☁ metric ☁
☁ punk rock + indie trash
☁ science fiction nerd
☁ juno + the grand budapest hotel + fight club

☁ i write and design covers; i'm trying to be more active on here, i promise.

☁ talk to me! i'm a complete dork, so we can have a dork session

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  • janie bauerman
    comic sans, ellie? for shame
    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Hello! I made another cover store and deleted the other since it's not really getting anything. So I made another one! More information is in the first chapter.
    janie bauerman
    4 years ago
    huh, that's weird.
    i see it as comic sans, which is the bane of all designers.
  • janie bauerman

    mumbled "on inactivity and covers"

    honestly, i'm not active on here because this isn't my main account. i have another account (one on wattpad). i try to go on here, but i have this file cabinet in my head that is very untrustworthy.
    the covers: i'm sorry about those! i don't know why, but i'll try to get them done as well. just, stay with me, yeah?
    so this will by my first mumble (hopefully not my last).
    over and out.
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