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Hello random person who has clicked on my profile. (or friends of course) Here's where I'll tell you a bit about myself. And if you don't want to hear me blather on then go away and find something better do. Don't complain about it.

Now, things I am obsessed with:
-Designing covers
Tv shows
-Doctor Who
-The Flash
-How To Train Your Dragon
-Skulduggery Pleasant Series
-Hover Car Racer
-The Great Zoo of China
-Eleanor & Park
-Jensen Ackles
-Misha Collins
-Vin Diesel
-Jamie Campbell Bower
-Chloë Grace Moretz
-Claudia Gray
Anime (I AM A OTAKU!!!!!!!) XD
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Sword Art Online
-Mirai Nikki
-Attack On Titan
-Parasyte the maxim
-No Game No Life
-Black Butler
-Within Temptation
-Egypt Central
-Fall Out Boy
-Get Scared
-Porcelain Black
-Linkin Park
-Papa Roach

Just letting you know that if you every need someone to talk to I'm here for you.
And if you read all this your probably a nice person so if you want me to fan you, just ask and I will. <3 :D
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