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Love Bromances . Punk Is love

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    omg why I'm having so many expressions
    My Dream Boyfreind (Book 1)
    My Dream Boyfreind...
    This Story Is About A Girl Who Had To Move Away From Her Old Home To A New Place And New School. She finds out that her neighbor is a super cute boy. She wants to figure out everything about him.
  • janay cambridge



    Je ne savais pas que quelqu'un pourrait me FAIS DE TOUS LES JOURS HEUREUX DE MA VIE espically QUELQU'UN QUI ne remarqueront jamais ME
    вlσσdч skч
    3 years ago
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    English Pls lol XD.
    janay cambridge
    3 years ago
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    I did not know someone could do EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE HAPPY espically someone who will never notice ME

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