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A dark kid living in a bright world.
A bright kid living in a dark world.
Keeping my hopes up and my head down.

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    He doesn't see the scars on her wrists or the bruises on her thighs, or the terrible thoughts that spin through her head all the time. He sees the girl with the pale skin and bright smile. Eyes big enought to see the world for what it's worth, and he thinks she's fine. She doesn't see all the poison he's consuming, the hours alone in his room, or the great amount of time he's spent with a gun to his head, waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. She's scared because she doesn't want to lose him to one of the other girls who gets lost in his big brown eyes, when see should be scared about everyone losing him. He's worried because he thinks her distant stares and broken smiled means she doesn't love him, when he knows deep inside that she hasn't been able to love for a very long time. They're scared they're lost. And they're losing each other.

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    this story is so cute. I read 12 chapters in one hour. I miss bad boy styles. I just hate preppy Harry xD
    the makeover
    the makeover
    Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.
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    I have something in store for that!! ;P

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