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I love writing. It's become a new passion of mine. No hate. <3 Pic is of my girlfriend. NOT ME!

  • Jake_Mokey_the_boy
    I love the story! I'm a new fan that first read your JB entry. Fell in love and then read all your other stories <3 Please continue!
    Love over Jealousy! (1D Love Story) Sequel to NTMYA. II Finished.
    Love over Jealousy...
    Sequel to Nice to Meet you again. Please read that first before you read this book. It'll make much more sense, in my opinion. Kelly and her best friend Angel are on tour with One Direction. Angel...
    Kelly G
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much! <3 x
  • Jake_Mokey_the_boy
    I'm a new fan but congratz on winning! <3 x
    Remembering the Past
    Remembering the...
    The management decided to send me back to a high school. A normal high school where the chances of me being mobbed were very high. Heck! I couldn't even go into a mall without signing hundreds of pictures....
    Kelly G
    5 years ago
    Thank you! <3 x
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