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  • Jak Skywaker
    I Was playing Runescape, when i saw that i haved 14 free days of membership, I started to do Quests and slaying Mature GrotWorms while someone invated me to join him to slayer co-op, i acepted and we haved tons of fun! When we finished, he asked me to add him, well, i acepted it ofcourse, and i knew i made a good decision :)! Someday, my friend invated me to a Clan, i acepted and i entered my new cidadel, it was a nice city! I Meet the Owner of the clan he was awsume! He even helped me at the new world of members and i haved lots of fun! But my days was ending, in my final day, i said bye to every member of the clan, but...the Owner of the clan said that i could stay on the clan and help invating F2p players! I Totally was so happy, and my friend always visits me on F2p, but sometimes he is busy on P2p, but im always happy, cause Runescape, is my World! It's the Word's greatest Adventure!
    Jak Skywaker
    6 years ago
    Oh wait, this is to large, maybe i write to much, i ill try to make a short version.

    I Was playing Runescape, when i recibed the 14 days of free membership trial...i practice much to get a strong player, but i knew this ill have to end, one day i meet a friend, he teached me everything in Members world, it was magical!...I got a clan someday, got fun meeting new faces, specially the clan owner, on my last day of members, i was very sad,... but i never stop beliving that one day i ill be member again, Runescape is my World! :)
    Lord Emote
    6 years ago
    *tears* THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL =')
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