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Hi senoritas and senors
Please excuse my Spanish. The only reason I know Spanish is:

1.)I learned #'s 1-10 in Spanish.(now I only know #'s 1-3)

2.)My neighbor is Mexican.(no, I am not lying)

3.) One of my best friends is Mexican(we've known each other since we were 7, and she's the palest Mexican alive thanks to her mom being part Irish)
4.) And last but not least is because I'm taking Spanish classes this year.
IKR, like totes cray cray, jk lol

sorry I'm kind of known for being the crazy/cute one in the group.
Any way, lets talk about me!!

1.) Just another 13 year old girl trying to live life through a parents divorce (whenever they figure out that they need one)

2.)I'm the type of girl that doesn't give 2 fucks about what you think of me when I'm around people, but breaks down behind closed doors so nobody thinks I'm any weirder than I already am

3.) Crushin' on a guy who likes me back, but we're from two different worlds (any advice??)

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