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You can say I'm obsessed with this band

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    Could you guys actually comment and tell me how I did cause if it wasn't good. I won't do it. But if it is I will. And if you can't judge by this one chapter tell me and I'll will make more.
    Over and over
    Over and over
    A story between a girl named Carly and Luke.
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    OMG UPDATE PLEASE!!!��������
    M I S G U I D E D. || l.h
    M I S G U I D E...
    My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY! All Rights Reserved © overcalumed 2014
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    I've checked this so many times and it hasn't been updated. You should not just leave a cliffhanger and not write a sequel or update it. That's not fair to your fans.
    Changed | c.h
    Changed | c.h
    Calum Hood. That's me. I'm the new kid on the block. I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to. I liked my old life. I loved it in fact. I was...
    3 years ago
    But other then that it's good������
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    You shouldn't add "or so you think aria" or "don't promise things you can't keep" because If you actually think about it, it spoils the rest of the book. I'm not trying to tell you how to right your book. I'm just saying.
    He's a Pervert
    He's a Pervert
    Warning: Sexual Content Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!
    3 years ago
    That's the point . You know something's going to happen but you don't know what. It builds up the suspense. Because if I just put it without it , it won't give the reader something to think about or keep them wanting to know what's going to
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