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  • Elora Lowe

    mumbled "Hey upload "

    2 weeks agoReply
    Hey I uploaded a new chapter on rearrangements
    Check it out!

    Here's the link
    RearrangementsKaito and Erika have their opponents but when it comes to love and loyalty you can't find it more true and pure but in them But join them as the battle...
  • Elora Lowe

    mumbled "HELP! 2"

    1 months agoReply
    I'm a best friend to a girl I have feelings for
    A girl who hates me told her
    Anne Onymous
    1 months ago
    I'm sure you aren't crying anymore. And if you continue to have tears, then... You just try and avoid her. Sometimes acting sad draws those who care about you back.
    dark nightmare
    1 months ago
    i'm no expert on love, but let her know your true feelings for her.
    Elora Lowe
    1 months ago
    yea i guess @[Anne Onymous]

    @[dark nightmare] Someone done that for me

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