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"To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when nobody will" - Sugar Ray Robinson
Music and Food are my life
My obsessions include -

-One Direction
-Sam Smith
-Your Mine by Eleanor Calderxx <fan her!>
-After by Anna Todd<on wattpad>
- Little Mix

I live in Australia and support Queensland for life!
I love to read and write books, I have never really been to the beach :/
I hate snakes and spiders, and I love you!

Appreciate everything you have!

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    mumbled "LIGHTBULB!"

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    I didn't name this mumble because I have an idea, I named this because i was trying to screw my lamps lightbulb back in and...

    I smashed all over the floor, a piece of glass was stuck in the same finger, when I cut myself with the knife, and it hurts so bad, there is literally glass everywhere, my finger hurts so bad :(((
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    Ermahgerd! I luff dis liek sahh muh
    Coming Together
    Coming Together
    © Copyright 2013 Richmount High School ( Atlanta, U.S.A). This school is just like any other normal school, boring teachers, disgusting cafeteria food, cramped classrooms, stuffy hallways....
    3 years ago
    why tank ya homie g ;) xx (if anyone else reads this, don't be weirded out, we're BFF's)
    3 years ago
    oi heyy psst. YO!
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    1. Unknown
    2. Jadexx
    3. Tahan and Zayn Malik
    4. "Sometimes we just have to let things go."

    Thanks! :)
    Cover|Banner Store ● Closed
    Cover|Banner Store...
    ⇊Look first chapter for instructions.⇊
    3 years ago
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    Its amazing thank you soo much :) Love your covers!!
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    I read the first chapter and my stomach was hurting from laughing to hard!
    Harry is love, Harry is life.
    Harry is love, Har...
    he luk at me .i luk at him. their is a connecti on betwean us in teh aiir. i luv me hairy.
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    WHYYYYY!!! My life is over (Lel not really)
    Here's To Love || h.s [Completed]
    Here's To Love ||...
    [2] "Are you okay?" I rub Gemma's back. "Yeah. I just miss him sometimes, you know?" I can tell she's been crying. "Yeah. Me too." My voice breaks. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material...
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