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    I'm sorry if I sound rude but I believe I must state my aggravated opinion. Why is it that most of the entries are Percy based? Why is there not more diversity? Also why where these entries chosen when in my opinion there were FAR better one to be chosen. Examples are Ending to Blood of Olympus by Taylor 939, Blood Of Olympus - Alternate Ending by ∂reamMu§e®, Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus Alternate Ending by Reece Mawhinney, Piper (Blood of Olympus entry) by Zoe-Marie, Moments by Bookworm0311, Blood of Olympus Ending by JulieG. These were better written than the ones that were chosen so why were these ones chosen. To Artemis105 congratulation on being a runner up, yours was incredibly written and entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed.
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    I love this! It was amazing and heart-wrenching, It is so sad that this wasn't entered into the competition as it would have been the only Frank one. I'm glad that you killed off Octavian but it was sad that Percy AND Hazel died, also it was touching to see that Frank and Nico understand each others pain
    Blood Of Olympus - Alternate Ending
    Blood Of Olympus...
    My entry in Frank's POV for the Blood of Olympus competition. First time actually writing and completing something so hopefully it isn't too bad!
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    yeah.. I became an evil psychopath laughing as I was typing his death XD Yeah I don't exactly know what possessed my mind to kill them both off :( glad you liked it :)
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    Truly a well written story and one of the best entries I have seen through this entire competition, I thoroughly love the cliffhanger ending and the subtle hint to Kane Chronicles series.
    Piper (Blood of Olympus entry)
    Piper (Blood of...
    My entry for the Blood of Olympus competition. From Piper's point of view and how she feels. I hope you like it.
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