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    *the next day*
    I woke up early and I immediately checked my YouTube account, I looked at my video that I posted yesterday and I was shocked at the views it went over 10,000+ then I got alot of subscribers and there are some messages saying that I should continue to make videos of me singing but there's this one message that caught my attention it's from the one and only Simon Cowells. I couldn't believe the Simon Cowells will message me!!! the message is like this:
    Dear Kyla,
    I like your voice I would like to offer you a contract, if you are interested contact me at tgis number #.

    Simon Cowells

    OMG!!! I was shocked at the message, Simon, the mentor of my favorite boy band just offered me a contract. I immediately called the number and someone answered it's Simon. "Um hello? mr. Cowells? this is Kyla the-" I was cut off by Simon "Yes kyla im expecting your call, and just call me simon" "ok" "So, Kyla are you interested in that contract I offered? cause I find your voice amazing" "Yes! I mean of course it will be an honor" "ok, good I want you to get ready in 3 hours, im gonna send a private plane to fetch you there, go to your nearest airport ok? pack your things up and I'll just contact your parents about yohr flight, there will be a taxi waiting for you outside, ok?" "um ok I'll pack now thanks" "ok anytime I'll meet you here, bye " "bye" and the line ended. I started packing my bags and took a bath then I rode the taxi that's waiting for me outside my house then we drove to the airport. I was immediately sent to the private plane and the flight went great but also tiring and my butt hurts from all the sitting cause its an 18 hour flight! And I fall asleep for a little while until the stewardess woked me up saying were already in London.

    Gonna continue chapter 3 :D
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    "Kyla wake up! get your lazy ass off bed!" my dad screamed "ok! im up!" ugh! its vacation time for goodness sake why do I have to wake up this early! Oh by the way im Kyla, im 14, I have shoulder length hair and im the typical kind of girl who is a bit loner. I went to the dining room to eat breakfast with my family, I have a sister, her name is Kirsten, she's 8 yrs old. Kirsten is the worst! like seriously we fight over stupid things, I hate her for quite some time, but whenever we talk about One Direction she is all crazed up. I actually hate one direction cause I thought they are gay, but I was influenced by my sis... so yeah. My mom and dad went out this afternoon to handle some things, so I think it's a good idea to make a video of me singing something. As u can see I have a good voice I got it from my dad. I set up my camcorder then I started singing 'A thousand miles' after I sanged it I posted it in Youtube and closed my laptop then went on my daily vacation day cycle whhcht is: watch tv, eat, use cellphone, read one direction imagines on Tumblr, and sleep. And I can't wait to see how many views my video got tomorrow.

    Gonna continue Chapter 2 later :D
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