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    I love this! update soon xx
    My BIG Journey
    My BIG Journey
    'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen. 'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?' I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking. "Umm-uhh......
    <3 The Inbetween <3
    Thank you very much! :)
  • Jade horan styles
    Hey,my name is jade hazelden I'm 15 and could I be Harry's girlfriend? I think you should pick me because this seems like it's going to be a great story!
    well I have long brown/blonde hair, I have light green eyes, I am 5ft5" I don't wear a lot if make up my nickname is jay, I love to make people smile, I love eating! I'm not really skin I'm curvy, I love to wear stuff that shows who I am when im out and about but when I'm home I jut wear baggy clothes and get comfortable. I hope this helps if you choose me! oh used I'm also British! hope you choose me I'm fun and bubbly and do my take things for granted xx: D
    Try me
    Try me
    Run run but I'll find you!!were the last words I heard before blacking out.this my story hi I'm Hope Boyd and I'm the inspiration for she's not afraid.
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    Your Harry's gf.(:
  • Jade horan styles
    I love this x
    Secrets and regrets
    Secrets and regret...
    This is all you need to know it's about girls, drama, regrets, and one direction and it doesn't get any simpler than that so enjoy!!:)
  • Jade horan styles
    nutella x
    Going Nowhere
    Going Nowhere
    He ruined everything of mine, piece by piece. Dangerous--he was fire himself. And I was like a moth attracted to the flame. Even when I got burned, I still went back. **ON A SHORT HIATUS. PLEASE DON'T...
  • Jade horan styles
    brilliant! xx
    keep going!
    Me, My Friend and I.
    Me, My Friend and...
    Hi, my name is Bryony (Most of my friends call me Brian), and this book is about me and one of my bestest friends I could ever had wished for (She is actually my stepsister, but oh well) and how she has...
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