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Hey, Vas Happing? I'm Jazzy (Jasmyne) and my partner in crime Macy. We are known as Jacy! (or, The Poptarts) We have been BFF's since........... ever!!! We are going to impress you so much with are magical writing skills. Did you see what I did there? I just blew your mind! BTW, Macy is a Liam fan (because she is so "Perfect") and I'm a Louis fan, so if you guys want to get those two for us we will love you for life!!! I just thought you guys should know that.

I'm Jazzy's partner in crime, Macy, and well since Jazzy kinda told you everything there's really not much for me to say, but thanks for reading. I know we are weird writers, Jazzy always has different ideas for books some are based off of stuff that happens in really life and other ideas are from what our messed up brains comes up with! Thanks :)

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    mumbled "Bad News"

    Hey guys..... It's Jasmyne. So me and Macy had big plans for this account but the thing is that me and her are no longer friends. We haven't been for the past few months. So I don't know what to do with this Movellas account anymore. What do you guys think?
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    mumbled "book idea "

    hello Macy here and I have a new idea for a book I've had it for a while now but we haven't wrote it yet im not giving any detail because I want it to be a surprise XD but I will tell you its a huge love story and one of the characters is based off my boyfriend <3 I cant wait till me and jazzy get the book posted I hope you like it XOXOX <3
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    mumbled "We're back!!!"

    The dynamic duo are back and more bad ass than ever!!! Me and Macy have new ideas that we want to show off!!! So be ready for the Poptarts!!!! (I don't know how that sounds scary but whatever)
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